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Type List

Snowmobile Commercial Dealer Certificate
General Description
Every person who is a snowmobile manufacturer, dealer, distributor, renter or any combination thereof, engaged in business in this State shall register with the Department and obtain a commercial snowmobile certificate.

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Type License Type Description

Every person who is a snowmobile manufacturer, snowmobile dealer, snowmobile distributor or snowmobile renter or any combination thereof engaged in business in this state shall register with the department and obtain from the department a commercial snowmobile certificate.

Updates to customer information including spelling or address change.  
Renews a Snowmobile Commercial Dealer Registration that has expired. Upon receipt of the registration fee, you will receive a commercial snowmobile certificate and 3 reflectorized plates.  
If a commercial snowmobile certificate or reflectorized plate is lost or destroyed, the holder of the certificate, or plate may apply for a duplicate.