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Detailed Information for : Excise Tax, Fuel, Alternative Fuel
Any natural person, sole proprietorship, partnership, limited liability company, corporation, association, the State of Wisconsin or any political subdivision, but not the United States or any of its agencies must obtain an alternate fuel tax license if they will place alternate fuel into the supply tanks of licensed motor vehicles, snowmobiles, motorboats or all-terrain vehicles (unless the ATV is registered for private use) in Wisconsin. Persons who want a fuel license must hold a Business Tax Registration (BTR) Certificate. Alternative Fuel is all combustible gases and liquids, other than motor vehicle fuel or aviation fuel, used for the generation of power to propel a motor vehicle, for example, liquefied propane gas (LPG) and compressed natural gas (CNG)  
License Type:
Alternate fuel license are valid until canceled by the licensee or revoked by the Department.  
Persons who want a fuel license must hold a Business Tax Registration (BTR) Certificate. The BTR certificate and alternate fuel license are issued by the Registration Unit in Madison, (608) 266-2776. There is no charge for the fuel license. However, there is a one-time $20 charge for the BTR certificate. The certificate is renewable every two years for $10.  
The Department may require persons who are responsible for paying the alternate fuel tax to have security (e.g., cash, bond) on file. The amount of security cannot exceed three times a licensee's average monthly liability for alternate fuel tax  
Additional Information:
For additional information see Department of Revenue's Frequently Asked Qustions.  
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Administrative Rules/Codes:
No administrative rule(s) or code(s) apply.  
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For additional assistance with business-related license, permit and registration information, visit the Wisconsin Small Business Development Center at or phone them at 608-263-7680.