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Type List

Snowmobile Registration
General Description
All snowmobiles must be registered with the Department of Natural Resources for either PUBLIC USE (a snowmobile used on marked trails, frozen waters, or any lands you have permission to operate on. Kitty-Kat, child-like snowmobiles, with 4 horsepower motor or less and operated on trails must be registered) and/or PRIVATE USE (a snowmobile used only on land owned or leased by the person or a member of the personís immediate family.) There is not an agriculture registration for snowmobiles.

Definition of a snowmobile: "Snowmobile" means an engine-driven vehicle that is manufactured solely for snowmobiling, that has an endless belt tread and sled-type runners, or skis, to be used in contact with snow but does not include such a vehicle that is any of the following:
  • A vehicle that has inflatable tires.
  • A vehicle that is driven by a motor of 4 horsepower or less and that is operated in sanctioned races, derbies, competitions or exhibitions or only on private property.

All snowmobile operators, please be aware that if you were born on or after January 1, 1985, you must complete a Snowmobile Safety Education course. Please click here for further information: Snowmobile Education.

Below are License/Permit/Registration types currently available for your search. For more detailed information, click on a type.

Type License Type Description
Updates customer information including spelling, address change or name change due to marriage/divorce and any corrections to the general snowmobile information.  
Renews public use registration of a snowmobile registered to the same owner with a Wisconsin registration number and expired decals. Private Use registration does not expire.  
Replacement certificate and decals for a snowmobile currently registered in Wisconsin are available to the same owner if the original certificate and/or decals have been lost, stolen, destroyed, painted over, scraped off, etc.  
Public Use: A snowmobile used on marked snowmobile trails, frozen waters, or any lands you have permission to operate on must be registered for public use.
Private Use: A snowmobile used exclusively for use on land owned or leased by the person or a member of the personís immediate family over which the owner or lessee has management and control may be registered for private use.  

Public Use: Transfer or transfer and renewal of public use type registration to new applicant. This would include changing registration into or out of a trust.       Private Use is not transferable. 

ANTIQUE REGISTRATION - Any person who is a resident of this state and the owner of a snowmobile which has a model year of 1966 or earlier may, upon application, register the snowmobile as an antique snowmobile. Antique registration is valid from date of issuance until ownership is transferred. Use type is the same as public use.