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Detailed Information for : Property Tax, Assessor 2

There are five levels of certification in the Wisconsin Assessor Certification program, three are assessor levels and two are for assessment personnel other than the assessor. The levels of certification in order of increasing responsibilities are: Assessment Technician, Property Appraiser, Assessor 1, Assessor 2, and Assessor 3. The duties that an individual is authorized to perform are progressively more complex as the level of certification becomes higher. An individual certified at the higher level is allowed to perform the duties of any subordinate level of certification, except for the Assessor 3 level. An Assessor 3 can only perform duties associated with the Assessor 3 certification.

License Type:
Certifications expire five years after the date of issuance.   
$20 examination fee  
Additional Information:
Initial certification is dependent on examination results. Renewal of certification is dependent on re-examination, or compliance with continuing education requirements.  
Application Form(s):
Wisconsin Statutes:
Administrative Rules/Codes:
No administrative rule(s) or code(s) apply.  
Contact Information
Division of State and Local Finance
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Mail Address:
PO Box 8971, MS 6-97, WI 53708-8971  
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2135 Rimrock Road, MS 6-97, Madison, WI 53713-1443  
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