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Detailed Information for : Cross Connection Control Tester
Applies to persons who conduct performance tests of cross-connection control devices.  
License Type:
4 years from date of issuance.  
$15 Application; $180 Credential  
The applicant shall provide proof of completing at least 40 hours in approved courses including instruction in at least a) reduced pressure principle backflow preventers; b) reduced pressure detector backflow preventers; c) pressure vacuum breaker assembly, d) double check detector assembly backflow preventers, e) double check backflow prevention assemblies; and f) back siphonage backflow vacuum breakers.  A list of course providers is on the application form.  
Required Documentation:
Signed application form, proof of course completion, appropriate fees.  
Additional Information:

Submit signed application, proof of course completion, and appropriate fees to State of Wisconsin, Department of Commerce-Credentialing, PO Box 78780, Milwwaukee, WI 53293-0780.  Other correspondence goes to Safety and Buildings Division, PO Box 7082, Madison, WI 53707-7082.

Application Form(s):

Call (608) 261-8467 for an application form or get it off our website.

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7:45 am - 4:30 pm, Monday through Friday  
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